Sunday, 24 March 2013

Mini Haul

I'm leaving for Ostrava, The Chezch Republic on Tuesday, because I'm going on a basketball tournament there. Yesterdey I went to our local drugstore and I picked up some products that I'll need while I'm abroad.

1) The Balea Fig & Chocolate Shower Gel 
Now to be honest, one of the reasons I bought this. is because of the cute packaging with the macroons on it. Actually, I'm quite surprised I like the smell of this gel, because I don't usually go for chocolate-bakery kind of scents but this one smells very vanilla-ish which I like a lot!

2) The Liquid Ink Eyeliner from Essence
This is probably my most used makeup item, because I use it every single day. I started using it back in November, and since then, I've already used about 5 bottles of it, but I don't mind since it's very inexpensive. If you are looking for a cheap liquid liner I would totally recommend this one!

3) The Match 2 Cover Concealer from Essence
I needed a new concealer,and I wanted to buy the one I already had from Essence, but It was either out of stock or it has been disscontinued, so I boght this one. Again, It's pretty cheap since it is from Essence, but I can't tell you much about it since I haven't tried it yet.

4) The Healthy balance Powder from Bourjois
I havent had a compact powder for SO long and I decided to buy one, I just didn't know exactly which one I shold get, but when I saw this one, I remember that Essie from Essie Button talked about this so I picked it up. I have only used it once and I have to say I'm pretty impressed so far. Tell me if you want to see a review!

5) S-He Stylezone Hair Ties
Like I said, I'm going on a basketball tournament, so I'm going to run around a lot and I don't want my hair to be bothering me all the time, and also, I allway loose all my hair ties so It's always nice to have some spare ones.

6) The Balea Soft face Wipe
I didn't actually buy this for getting my makeup off, but for refreshing my face after matches.

7) The Ebelin Eyebrow Shaper
I have allways hated plucking out my eyebrows, so if you are anything like me, this is perfect for you. It's a little razor and you just kind of shave the little hairs off. It's super quick and doesn't hurt at all.

8) The Aloe Vera drink
I know this is super random, but this stuff is fricking amazing! It's so refreshing and it has chunks of grape in it! It's my all time favourite refreshing drink! You should definatelly try it!

So this is everything I bought, I know it's not a lot, but hopefully my next one will be more interesting.
See you soon! (or not sincce I'm going to be gone for a week) :)

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Nail Of The Day: Mint Candy Apple

Since spring is just around the corner - well, hopefully - I decided I should start wearing more spring colored nail polishes, because I got really tired of all the dark ones. I was deciding which one I should put on my nails, and out of all of the nail polishes in my collection (well, my sisters, haha), this one seemed the prettiest to me. It's from the brand called Essie and it's their most famous pastel nail polish. It's name is Mint Candy Apple. It's really the most gorgeous and perfect Tiffany mint color you will ever find out there! + The nail polish has a really wide wand, which makes the application super easy, and doesn't streak at all.

What's your favourite spring nail polish? :)